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      Innovative tea the TM Less spoon appeared only in 2010, but already hundreds gourmets preferred it. Uniqueness of tea is that it appeared in the market in stick that is very convenient in a preparation time of a cup of fragrant drink. This stick can be used tea instead of a spoon, that is it can be put in a cup and to prepare tea, without using a usual spoon. Stick tea and its advantages.

      Advantages of Less spoon tea are that it has individual hermetic packing which preserves it against external influence. And it is of great importance and influences quality of ready drink. Fragrant tea in stacks has a set of the smallest openings that allows to achieve more effective and saturated zavarivaniye. And the most important thing that has the big importance of this product – stick tea is made of the high-quality elite grade Assam brought from India which is known for knitting tart taste and unique aroma. Process of manufacturing of such production as стик tea, has the secrets thanks to which on creation of this drink less expenses leave, so goes down its prime cost. As a result thanks to the low price, improbable convenience and fine taste tea stick Less Spoon became very popular in many countries.

      Elite tea in stacks – a choice of the real gourmets!

      Every day in our shop the number of clients which prefer purchase of such product, as stick-tea increases. We are glad to recognize that our dear clients saw in it the real benefit which consists not only in the price, but also in mass of other advantages of this novelty.

      This production began to appear at restaurants, cafe, on fillings, in shops, educational institutions and in many other places, and responses of those people which has the luck to taste gentle aroma of this tea, remained exclusively positive.Certainly, tea in sticks for a short time won unknown popularity, and continues to increase number of fans to indulge excellent innovative drink. Therefore tea-stick Less Spoon is a right choice of the real judges of convenience and taste!

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